The territory of Tuscia, the Latin term used to indicate the land of the Etruscans, covers the whole province of Viterbo. The proximity to Rome (50 min. From Viterbo) and the most important cities and sights of central Italy, making it an excellent base for planning meetings of all kinds. The historical-artistic nature of this area allows you to organize a meeting in special moments relaxing in unspoilt nature, just as beautiful as Umbria and Tuscany.

Many possibilities of excursions and activities for every type of interest with visits to the most important Etruscan and Roman archaeological sites, buildings and parks in the '500 villas Italian, clinging to ancient villages and Etruscan-medieval lakeside walks or in dense woods of the Cimini Mountains, with tasting of excellent local produce in evocative, with bathrooms and rejuvenating spa treatments, etc..

Here grew the great and mysterious Etruscan civilization whose history and look back at the most important Etruscan tombs as those of Tarquinia, Tuscania, Castel d'Asso, Norchia, Sutri and through the precious artefacts kept in museums of Viterbo and the numerous testimonies of 'Roman times as Ferento and Sutri, beautiful and important examples of Romanesque churches, baroque and Cistercian abbeys.





Here there are perched medieval castles, Renaissance villas and palaces with their rare sixteenth-century examples of Italian gardens, works of the most famous Italian artists and the most powerful patrons.
Ancient and isolated mountain villages continue to live, preserving the history, tradition and magical atmospheres. Many springs from which flow the warm thermal waters, rich in multiple ownership, which the ancient Romans were particularly fond, and which today come together in organized spas with all the comforts and specialty care.

Parks, lakes, forests and protected nature reserves allow the most varied sporting activities such as horseback riding, hiking, walking and mountain bike circuits, sailing, windsurfing, nature trails for the blind.

Here the local cuisine offers traditional recipes and dishes still genuine, able to excite even the most careful and Le Sette Cannelle is an excellent sample of this tradition.

The traditions of Tuscia

There are many opportunities to participate in something authentic in Tuscia. In the villages, along the narrow streets, squares, the rhythm of the seasons is marked by numerous events that are rooted in the past of this ancient land, to the Etruscans.
Music, dancing, singing, games and many delights are the main ingredients for the success of each event on all a bit of warmth and generosity of a handful of Viterbo all!

Some initiatives, such as Chestnut Festivals, the Wine Festivals and Celebrations of Oil, are of modern design and involve multiple centers, others are features of villages and towns, inherited from centuries.


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