The restaurant Le Sette Cannelle is located in the medieval town of Tuscania in front of the Fountain of the Seven Spouts of 1300 and the historic Wash of the ancient town.


Born in 1990 in an old mill, the restaurant Le Sette Cannelle has always satisfied the tastes of its guests with the typical products of the place and the pizzas in a wide range. In 2004, when the management changed, the owner Mauro Capocci great passionate about food, offers a whole new cuisine based on local tradition and using strictly local products chosen personally by him. Over time, the commitment of the chef and the staff is recognized by the many compliments and the return of customers, but particularly by some famous guides (such as "Eat Rozzo" ex "Gambero Rozzo") and various national newspapers.

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Ristorante "Le 7 Cannelle" Largo Sette Cannelle, 7 - 01017 Tuscania (VT) Tel. 0761 444635 - Cell. 328 2097591